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Get more, achieve more.

Imagine a real estate company that provides you all the modern tools to market your business effectively and efficiently, desk space when you need it, an inviting office to bring clients to, mentoring from an experienced and successful coach, a team environment of colleagues who are success focused,  and the kind of support you need to take your career to the next level.


Now imagine all of this for low annual dues and nominal transaction fees, of which a portion is reinvested in your career growth.


At Filkey, we think the splits or fees you pay your broker should pay dividends in your career; you should keep more of what you earn, and your broker should take a personal interest in making you a better agent, not just be a place to hang your license.


A Better Place to Work.

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The Deal

Here's The Deal.

At Filkey, we hate "splits" and hidden fees. Our transparent fee structure is broken down by two agent categories:

*The 20% career development fee

  • Half of the fee goes toward transactional oversight and broker contract review. 

  • The other half of the fee is capped at $17k annually and is invested in developing the agent to become a 9+ deal per year producer.


How We Compare


  • $6k annual fee

  • $199 E/O transaction fees

  • 0-20% transaction fees reinvested in agent growth

  • Integrated CRM and marketing tools included 


  • 50/50 to 85/15 splits based on production volume

  • $27k cap to no cap on commissions 

  • 6-8% transaction fee

  • Monthly or annual desk fee

  • Tech and E/O fees


  • 100% commission

  • $4-17k annual fees

  • $150-500 transaction fees

  • Adhoc fees for all services

  • No brick/mortar office

Who We Are.


Laughter, Service, Integrity, Responsibility

  • We seek to exceed our clients’ expectations of service

  • We foster a long-term, relational approach to business

  • We work harder, faster and more effectively than our competitors to ensure our clients are able to achieve their goals

Who We Are
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